Card Swipe Program

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Last Edit: 01/19/2108

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The Card Swipe Program ( CSP ) was originally developed for Bluffton Self Help as a means to more accurately manage Patrons, as well as track food and clothing distribution. CSP is actually a group of Windows-PC Applications tied to a database. Together they provide the administrative functions of managing patrons and setting food and clothing parameters such as the number of items allowed per week, and any food weight limits (per person, per week, etc.)


As the name implies, CSP, uses magnetic cards to identify the patrons. The cards are given out to each family, and are ‘swiped’ at Reception, and food, and clothing checkout.


There are two additional programs in the CSP bundle – one helps track Volunteer’s Hours, and another provides a myriad of reports based upon all of the data that has been collecting in the database.


All CSP applications are compatible with Windows-7, 8, and 10.

Download a complete description here: CSP.PDF

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