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Card Swipe Programs

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CSP Programs communicate over the LAN to the MySQL Server. Each program has a CONFIG file which needs editing just once to document where this server is located on the LAN. The example below shows the pertinent section of the CSPAdmin.config file opened in NOTEPAD.

/* mySQL DB Server string... */


server={serverName};user id={userName} password={passWord}; database=csp; pooling=false;


Each CSP Program’s CONFIG file will have the configuration items necessary and specific for that application (i.e. VisitPerWeek, etc.) and require editing at first install and whenever the configuration changes.

The Card Swipe devices are inexpensive, USB devices that are purchased separately.

Each Patron or Volunteer must first be “ENROLLED” into the iris database which is part of the MySql patron demographic database. Subsequent visits (or arrival/departures for Volunteers) will be simply “IDENTIFIED” by their iris, and data returned (or arrival/departure timestamps set.)


Tilt the camera so that your nose and eyes are centered

Place your head about 14 inches away from the camera

Notice the orange “dot” and keep it centered between your eyes

If necessary, the camera will suggest moving closer or further away slightly

When you are positioned correctly, the dot will turn green and you will hear a ‘camera shutter’ sound


CSP comes to you as a subscription.

The subscription comes with a full installation package, all documentation,  updates (feature* and maintenance**,) and phone support***

The CSP subscription is free for the first six months as described in the Memorandum Of Understanding found HERE.

Help Beyond CSP

There may be situations where CSP is not at fault for poor or none operation such as WiFi dropouts or other networking issues or mechanical problems such as defective card swipers, etc. In these cases we will try our best to help you determine root cause and offer suggestions. 

If you would prefer to have Sourcecode do the initial installations and setup, we offer this service for a one-time fee of $495. This will be accomplished on-site and/or using a ‘desktop sharing’ mechanism requiring the target PC(s) to have (at least temporary) internet access.

CSP Customization

Client requests for additional features or functions specific to their organization are very welcome. We will work with you to develop a mutually agreeable implementation scheme (to include development items, delivery time frame, and costs.) Individual customizations are carried forward if a Feature or Maintenance Update is sent out.

About Iris Identification

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Iris recognition identifies the patterns of the iris, the colored part of the human eye surrounding the pupil. Every iris pattern is unique and stable for life. Since there are more readily measurable characteristics in the iris, the technology has become the most accurate, fastest and scalable option for biometric use. Other biometric technologies such as fingerprint, hand, voice, vein and facial recognition can often vary and change over time or with use conditions.

The enrollment process involves a reader taking a non-contact digital picture of the iris pattern and creating a small encrypted, algorithmic digital template with more than 240 unique characteristics. The resulting 512-btye templates cannot be re-engineered or reconstituted to produce any sort of visual image. A picture of a person’s iris won’t gain access to a protected door.

Those Asterisks !!!

* A Feature is an additional activity, report, database addition, etc. that is not available in your current application and have general utility to all CSP Users. Features are suggestions made by CSP Users or the CSP Developers. Suggestions are reviewed by the CSP Developers and, if deemed suitable, are accepted and implemented as a new feature.

** No software is perfect, not even ours. A Maintenance Update provides fixes to ‘bugs’ and other unexpected outcomes found by CSP Users while using the applications. ‘Bugs’ will be verified and a maintenance-update provided as fast as possible. CSP Developers may offer work-arounds to allow you to continue operating while the maintenance update is developed.

*** Phone support is provided during normal, east-coast, business hours (8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.) All CSP oriented questions, suggestions, and concerns may be voiced over the phone. Any requests deemed ‘out of CSP scope’ may be referred to our professional services department.